HomeSource Systems and Reliable Softworks Complete Merger, Feb 10, 2023


HomeSource Systems is proud to announce a strategic partnership with the software company Reliable Softworks, a specialist in Point of Sale and Service software for appliance retailers. This agreement brings together the strengths of both companies, providing increased scale, size, and support to Reliable’s technology, ultimately benefiting all Dealers on the ReliaSale platform.


“This agreement between the two companies brings scale, size, and enhanced support to Reliable’s technology, resulting in a win for all Dealers on the ReliaSale platform”, says Mike Baron, founder and President of Reliable Softworks.  “While there are no immediate changes for ReliaSale system users, current ReliaSale users may choose to upgrade to the HomeSource platform in the coming months or years, with a seamless transition, when the dealer is ready and capable.” 


The partnership between HomeSource Systems and Reliable Softworks promises to bring greater opportunities for growth and success to the independent retail community, a result that is both thrilling and deeply fulfilling for both companies. 


For current and new customers of HomeSource, this partnership will mean an enhanced customer experience.  HomeSource will now have access to customer data, partner integrations, and support team from Reliable. This means more ways for independent retailers to succeed, which is the driving goal for both HomeSource and Reliable.


“We are excited for what this means for not just our current customers but also those who can now make the switch easily”; said HomeSource CEO Jim White. “Our goal is to provide our customers with as many tools as possible to succeed, and this partnership does that. In the coming weeks, we will be announcing some big updates to the system that will be directly related to the new tools we now have.” 


Through years of growth and innovation, the HomeSource team has maintained a singular vision: to make life simpler for retailers and manufacturers by aggregating large amounts of data into one single, usable system.


Today, that vision is blending with new cloud technology in ways that would have seemed impossible even a decade ago… numbers, product specs, training videos, and more – into an app that can be used and updated in real-time. The result isn’t just useful, it’s groundbreaking.