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Sales Reporting Features

Sales Reporting

A/R aging report
Add on sales reports
All reports can be exported to excel
Automatic commission deductions for
  returns at same value as originally paid,
  even if commission rules have changed
Best sellers report
Brand report
Business status report with graphing
Category report
Commission formula customizable for
  your business
Commission reports
Commission reports can exclude unpaid
Customer deposit report
Delivery charges report
Driver activity report
Export commission reports to excel, or
  print PDF
Export email list
Export list of missed extended warranties
Export mailing list to Excel
Extended warranty reports
Extended warranty submission report
GMROI report
Inventory report by location, status, or brand
Inventory turns report
Invoiced lines report
Live sales summary report
Location report
Margin ranking report
Open order report
Open order valuation report
Open purchase order report
Print mailing list labels
Quote report
Quotes, orders, invoices, returns by date,  location, salesperson, with margins
Received not invoiced report
received not invoiced report
Returns report
Sales by products, warranties, add on sales
Select cost type for commissions
Sales tax by jurisdiction, county, zip code,       state, location
Spiff reports for salespersons
This year last year comparative reporting