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Quotes & Sales Orders

Integrating Quotes & Sales Orders Gets Results


ReliaSale was designed to give your sales team an easy-to-learn and productivity building system. Sales people will be comfortable within minutes and the ease-of-use features will save time and create a better customer experience. A good example is the relationship between quoting and increasing sales orders. Quoting every opportunity starts building a customer service relationship; providing the information needed to intelligently follow-up regularly, increasing the likelihood of closing the deal.  Sales staff may complain about a new process; but the reality is more quotes, creates more and better follow-up, and more sales. 

ReliaSale makes it easy to create and modify quotes; and, importantly quotes can be turned into orders with the click of a button. Quotes can also be “duped” if more than one prospect is asking for the same package. Why duplicate the work when you can automate the process and integrate the quote, sales order, product, builder, and customer information and get to any information you need with just one click?

A True Story

When a high end vendor announced a price increase, a well-known dealer used to hound his sales staff to find out who has an open quote for that brand; but they couldn't match jobs and models. With ReliaSale it’s not the end of the world, it’s the beginning of another opportunity! With ReliaSale you can, with two clicks, find all the open quotes which include that brand and share this with the sales team ... nothing like some soft pressure to close a consumer deal.

Creating a Sales Order


Converting a Quote into a Sales Order