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Project Partners

Leveraging Your Sales Efforts

Project Partners is likely Reliable Softworks most powerful add-on module; because of its potential to increase productivity and generate more business. A CRM system for tracking activity with your referral partners: builders, architects, designers, realtors, cabinet shops, and any other partner who regularly refers business to you. Project Partners tracks quotes, orders and invoice activity; it automatically links to the consumer transaction, crediting the partner for the sale. You can assign primary and secondary sales reps to a partner account and also track all contacts by your staff, all loaners used in showrooms and model homes with model data and values, and a robust set of reporting tools to calculate reward points and track frequent purchase reward systems. Models can be put on loan with two clicks. Project Partners does automatic contact aging and will warn you if your team hasn't been in contact with the partner over the last thirty days. With one click you can see all jobs outstanding / in process and you can make the connection to a sales transaction at any time.

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