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Inventory is the organizational heart of ReliaSale and ReliaServ. Inventory is integrated with all the sub-modules including: customers, sales orders, quotes, deposits, receivables, purchasing, inventory, and reporting. Inventory links all the data allowing you, on every screen, to drill down on customer history, service history, payment detail, and many other important data points with only one click. Full serial number tracking linked to customer, sales order, returns, warranty processing, delivery, with unlimited transaction history makes the ReliaSale's inventory functionality the best in the industry. Combined with extensive functionality to track extended service contracts (ESC) by customer, the inventory module helps you sell through the life-span of your products.

The inventory system is a "cradle to grave" solution; providing the complete history of every transaction, from the moment an item is received through its entire life at a customer's location. The status, location, and cost history of each item is automatically updated as transfers, cycle scans, sale, service, return, or any other transaction takes place. Users can see who bought the item, when it was returned, who re-purchased it, and how much is owed as an allowance from the vendor!  Never again will you question "where did that piece come from?"

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Cradle to Grave Inventory Management

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