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Import Inventory Data

Powerful Functionality & Accurate Downloads

With pre-designed import routines for buying groups, manufacturer spec's / rebate information, and a growing set of tools for bringing in data from all sources, Reliable Softworks provides powerful options to get the product data you need. ReliaSale links to the key product data suppliers, downloading product data, specs, and links, for the customer's buying experience. Data is available from or through third party suppliers such as Retailer Web Services, Site on Time, CMIC, Ayr1, Tailbase, and other data / specification providers. Reliable Softworks can link ReliaSale to your third party data resource using a simplified import tool or an XML link. Reliable Softworks is happy to work with any data resource; all you need is a current subscription and we do the rest!

If your company does not subscribe to any data resources, Reliasale will automatically perform a Google search to provide price shopping comparisons and specifications. 

Making It Easier for the Retail Dealer

When you sell an item, wouldn't it be nice if you could access rebate forms, view competitor pricing, and provide specifications to the consumer with one click?  ReliaSale users can easily access information on products by pressing the "information" button, on every inventory, quote, or sales order screen. ReliaSale has a place to track and manage vital product data and provide a "one stop shop" for store personnel to satisfy the client's needs.   

Requesting the Product Data

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