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Customer Service

Creating a Memorable Customer Experience


With Reliable Softworks dealers have the tools necessary to fix or correct  problems in a timely manner and create exceptional consumer experiences. When a problem develops, a customer service rep creates a service or problem resolution ticket, assigns a technician and schedules the service response depending on the tech's and customer's schedules. This information immediately appears on the digital Call Wall which can be easily adjusted as the situation dictates.

Whether the customer has a problem with an out-of-warranty item, a warranty issue, or damage caused by an employee, all the details and history are available in ReliaServ. So no matter which manager or CSR is on duty, they will have access to all the details and be able to track progress, and provide feedback to customers and management as necessary. With Mobile Tech technicians can complete the repair, update the service ticket, take payment, schedule another visit if necessary, order additional parts, and complete all trip detail giving your customer service team an immediate update; with the information necessary to inform the next service representative of any changes. Reliable Softworks gives your team the tools to provide exceptional customer service.

Customer Service Overview