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A Complete Financial Solution

Never Duplicate Data Entry
The integration between Reliable Softworks modules provides users with a powerful but easy-to-use operational accounting system. Reliable Softworks solutions track and retain the history of all customer transactions, deposits, and receivables; provide cash-out journals and reconciliations; post payment and sales information to GL for financial statements; and calculate the actual (landed) costs with an accurate freight burden applied to each model. Reliable Softworks accounting systems track and manage all AR data and aging with a complete system for calculating complicated state and local sales taxes and retaining all transaction detail by customer and model. 

Your inventory purchase invoices are used to generate the actual cost of each as it arrives at your receiving dock (called landed cost, or the cost required, including freight burden allocations, to get it delivered to you) and then automatically posted into the general ledger (QuickBooks) for check preparation. Payments and sales details also post directly into the general ledger eliminating any double entry. 

Automated Returns

ReliaSale even tracks vendor promises and credits owed by vendors for returns and field scrapped items.  Brand A/R tracks balances owed to your company until payment or credit is received. ReliaSale also allows you to track the accounts of tax-exempt resellers.

QuickBooks Integration

Reliable Softworks does not develop solutions for every business function you might need. Our philosophy is to provide the best operational capability to our customers by either developing applications or partnering/integrating with business application leaders.  This is especially true in the realm of add-on financial applications. ReliaSale and ReliaServ seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks Pro and Enterprise financial packages and require absolutely no double entry when posting to  QuickBooks. ReliaSale and ReliaServ utilize QuickBooks for a limited number of items:

  • Printing of AP checks
  • General ledger functions, such as maintaining account balances and financial reporting
  • Payroll
All other financial functions, including accounts receivable and accounts payable, are performed within ReliaSale or ReliaServ.

However, with over 300 applications integrated with QuickBooks the Reliable Softworks customer has the ability to easily and affordable integrate high quality financial applications into their business solutions at a fraction of the cost of custom add-ons.

Reliable Softworks is a QuickBooks reseller.

Other Integrations
Reliable Softworks has integrations with other financial applications, including PeachTree Accounting and Avalara Sales Tax Compliance. Reliable Softworks is willing to consider other integrations efforts.

Integrated Accounting Overview