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Mobile Point of Sale and Service for the Inventory Centric Retail Dealer

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ReliaFurniture is Reliable Softworks newest module; it provides furniture, mattress, bedding, home goods, and all inventory-centric retail dealers with the ability to easily create and sell using :
  • Packages - specially priced items always sold together, for example: mattress, boxspring, and frame; or couch, loveseat, and ottoman. Packages are quickly and easily created and sales staff can enter one SKU and the entire Package, including service and accessories, is automatically added to the sales order.
  • Add-Ons - are items that are frequently sold with other items or options. These Add-Ons or Attachments are displayed at time of order entry and can have sales scripts attached to them to help your sales team.
  • Sell by Description - rather than using a model number or SKU sales staff can now search for, find, and complete a sale based solely on an item's description with just one click. In stock items will be displayed first so sales staff can easily see what you want them to sell.

Reliable Softworks' point-of-sale and service solutions,
ReliaSale and ReliaServ, are the most functionally powerful and easiest to use point-of-sale and service solutions for inventory centric retail dealers and integrators.
ReliaSale and ReliaServ, employ the latest mobile technologies and industry best practices allowing you to focus on your business and increasing profits. 

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National CPA Publication Reviews ReliaSale
Noted CPA national publication, CPA Practice Advisor recommends ReliaSale! Read the review at 2013 Review of Point-of-Sale Solution.


For subscribers, RetailDeck 3.0 will now open within the ReliaSale order entry screen, the Sales Inventory view, and the Product Manager. Sales staff can access full RetailDeck 3.0 functiionality while entering a sales order.

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